Technology Alert! iPhone Hearing Aids are Here!

April 10th, 2014 by Neil and Shannon Aiello, Au.D. FAAA, CCC-A Comments »

AGXsp Made for iPhone hearing aids

The Future Has Arrived

We had an audiologist on staff about fifteen years ago who drew a cartoon of the hearing aid from the future. It was quite funny at the time, with built in maps, weather reports, 25 microphones, a built in cup holder, a “Siri-ish” feature, and other comical features. The “hearing aids” were huge ear worn devices with built in satellites and other gadgets. Sadly, this young audiologist passed away before his time and before this technology was even a dream.

All But the Cup Holders

Well Erik – the future is now reality, with one exception! These hearing aids are beautiful and fit discretely behind the ear and out of sight (however, they are still missing the cupholders). With the fast advances in technology over the past few years, it was only a matter of time until the hearing aid manufacturers jumped on the iPhone bandwagon. ipads and hearing aids

Utilizing iPhone Favorites

With the emergence of Google glass and smart watches it was the perfect time to integrate the features we all love in our iPhones with the latest in hearing technology. Welcome to 2014, when your hearing aid can now easily stream incoming cellular calls, be adjusted by the user, and use GPS to activate favorite settings instead of pushing buttons.

High Functioning Hearing Technology

It is a wonderful time to be an audiologist and able to provide this type of high functioning technology to our patients. The days of counseling our patients on “what the hearing aids can’t do,” or “realistic expectations,” are quickly diminishing. This is not to say that any of the current technology is equivalent to normal hearing, however with the rapidly changing advances in noise reduction, speech recognition, and processing I can truly say the hearing aids are smarter than ever before which is resulting better speech understand in difficult listening environments.

AGXsp Hearing Aids Are the Future

The new AGXsp hearing aid is a glimpse into the future of hearing aids. The new hearing aids will allow users to connect with their iOS device to enjoy features such as FaceTime and streaming audio from the lastest song on their iPod, or video on their iPad. And did I mention you don’t have to wear the big device around your neck to utilize these features. Additionally, the specialized user controls allow the patient to control and save how they like to hear in different environments. Add GPS to the mix and you can landmark that noisy restaurant so that your hearing aids automatically switch to your preferred settings when you enter that environment. And on the topic of GPS, should you happen to misplace your hearing aid you now have a built in way to find it. mp3 player

Enjoy Your World Streamed

We are excited for this technology and more excited to offer our patients the ability to have the control, ease of use, and communication with the latest Apple technology on the market. Dare I say, this might be a “cool” hearing aids? Call your local AudigyCertified™ provider and enjoy your world streamed through your favorite technology.